Haleyville teenager survives lightning strike

HALEYVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A 16-year-old from Haleyville is trying to get back to normal after she was shocked during a thunderstorm.

Faith Mobley was rushed to the UAB trauma unit on Wednesday. She was washing dishes at McDonald’s where she works when lightning struck the building.

Mobley says being struck by lightning was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to her.

“I was in the back washing the dishes and I saw a blue flash of light on the wall and in front of my face,” Mobley said. “So, I stepped back and put my hands on my head because it hurt my head a lot.”

The teenager suffered bruises to her hands and feet.  The electric current also punched a hole through her left shoe. She says the incident actually changed the color of her eyes from dark blue to a lighter shade.

“I started crying because it all hit me at once,” Mobley said. “My stomach hurt and I was sick to my stomach and everything tightened up.”

Faith’s mother Kelley says her daughter’s survival is a miracle.

“I am just thankful to have her here, just listening to what the doctor said about people going through this getting limbs blown off,” Kelley Mobley said. “I just thank God she is still here because it could have gone either way. Every day since the accident I thank God that we still have her and that she’s okay.”

Faith Mobley was released from the hospital Thursday. She is doing much better and returned to work at McDonalds Saturday.

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