Trussville community gathers in prayer for 6 year old crash victim

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — “It was just neat for our community to see her principal, her assistant principal all come up to the hospital to visit her, just know that everybody here is praying for her,” said Lance Pate, executive pastor of First Baptist Church of Trussville.

The community gathered at the mall to pray for the recovery of 6 year old Maggie Bowles, who was critically injured in a three car accident Saturday.

The vehicle she and her father were in was rear ended by another car.

As of 9:00 p.m. Monday, a video posted in a Facebook group called Miracle for Maggie, which has over 10,000 members, showed the young girl’s reflexes in her hands, a sign of hope that she is improving.

That came after early indications had her not improving as quickly, with swelling still in her brain.

That’s when the community decided to rally together in prayer Monday night. As neighbors lit each other’s candles to shine a light as bright as the personality of Maggie Bowles.

“We love Maggie, she’s a feisty little firecracker and she’s going to pull through this we know she’s going to pull through,” said Ashley Lybrand, whose daughter plays softball with Maggie.

“Doctors are wonderful, nurses are wonderful, but there is a great physician who can create a miracle,” Pastor Pate preached to the crowd.

A miracle for Maggie is one that Pastor Pate said is something can happen as parents figure out how to console their little ones.

“It’s a weird thing for dads to have to walk through this journey to talk about illnesses – especially an illness that we don’t know the outcome, especially with a little kid,” he said.

“Keep fighting Maggie, we love you, we’re ready to play ball, we’re ready to do gymnastics, and we’re ready to cheer, and we’re ready to play with you on the play ground, we love you baby,” said Lybrand, as fellow softball moms wept behind her.

Maggie Bowles remains in critical condition at Children’s of Alabama.


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