Rising temperatures lead to rising repairs on AC units

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As temperatures are heating up, many find that their air conditioning units are breaking down.

Companies like AUX work around the clock to fix compressors and other parts that are breaking on AC units. Service technician Cody Smith says his company receives about 30 calls a day to repair units.

Smith says there are several causes of AC units breaking down, but people failing to take preventative measures is one of the main causes.

“The less efficient a system runs because of lack of maintenance, the more it will run as far as trying to cool the home,” Smith said. “In turn, putting more wear and tear on the components, like the compressors. The best route to prevent that would be the preventative maintenance.”

Rising temperatures can also mean rising costs in electric bills. Birmingham resident Marion Mitchell says he’s noticed an increase in his bill over the summer.

Mitchell’s most recent bill was about $150 compared to his $100 bill from the previous month. He says he’s been using his AC more to keep his four-month-old baby cool.

“It’s keeping it cool, [it] just stays on,” Mitchell said. “You never hear it go off.”

Smith says situations like Mitchell’s are common reasons people are in desperate need when they’re AC goes out.

“People want their air, especially when there are animals that are at home alone or elderly family members,” Smith said. “You want them to be comfortable, so the AC being repaired is a major issue.”

Smith recommends getting a maintenance check on your air conditioning unit twice a year.

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