SEC Media Days: The Pressure To Beat Bama

Hoover, Ala. – It’s been a topic of conversation at least the last three years, coaches have been hired and fired over it – it is Alabama football. As the Tide continue to dominate the SEC, coaches and players in the league continue to get asked how to slay the giant that’s been built by Bama.

Arkansas and Tennessee have lost a combined 20 games to the Tide in that past 10 years, but both head coaches believe they’re close to upsetting Alabama.

“We had a great contest two years ago in Tuscaloosa, came down to the final minute of play. That game means a lot to us, just like it means to them. It’s a great challenge,” said Butch Jones, Tennessee head coach.

“We made, from year one to year two, dramatic strides. The game hasn’t gone the way we need it to go, we threw for over 400 yards, and everyone makes a big deal about that, but it’s still a loss,” said Bret Bielema, Arkansas head coach.

First year LSU head coach Ed Orgeron knows beating Bama begins with out-recruiting Nick Saban.

“LSU has had a history of keeping those guys in state and those guys have had a lot of success. Obviously Alabama has come in and taken players out of our state, we have to stop it. And we are doing everything that we can legally to stop it. And eventually we will. But obviously the best mark is going to be beating Alabama. And we have to do that. In order to do that we have to keep our players at home,” Orgeron said.

“To beat a team like that, you have to play flawless football. Where there’s zero turnovers, mental penalitys, no big plays on defense and have a really good special teams unit where you get them inside the 20 on kickoffs and punts and that’s kind of how you beat a team like that,” said Razorback quarterback Austin Allen.

With a handful of SEC coaches on the hot seat, a win over Bama could help guarantee a seat at the table.

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