Governer Ivey bans appointment of lobbyists to boards and commissions

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) – On Thursday, Governor Kay Ivey signed Executive Order 4, which bans any official in the executive branch from appointing a registered lobbyist to serve on a state board or commission, according to a release by the Office of Governor Kay Ivey.

Executive Order 4 will apply to all appointments made by Governor Ivey, or any other member of the executive branch, unless otherwise stated in the Order.

“As Governor I, and my office, have the responsibility to appoint members to various boards and commissions,” Ivey stated in a release. “This executive order ensures that we will no longer appoint registered lobbyists to those positions.”

Executive Order 4 is effective immediately, according to the release.

“To have a government for and by the people, the people should be appointed to serve on state entities, not lobbyists who have an interest in representing their client rather than representing the folks of Alabama,” Ivey said.

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