Braving the Alabama heat in a hot car

NORTHPORT, Ala (WIAT) — The summer heat is sweltering across Alabama. But how how does it get inside your car with no air conditioning? Storm Track Meteorologist Nate Harrington and CBS 42 News Reporter Jack Royer wanted to find out.

Harrington spent over 30 minutes in a car outside of Northport Fire Rescue on Friday to demonstrate how unsafe it can be for anyone to spend any amount of time in a hot car during the summer months.

After just 30 minutes, he had a headache and his heart rate had increased greatly.

“It only takes a matter of minutes for a bearable car to become deadly,” said Captain Jason Norris from Northport Fire Rescue. He told us there have been hundreds of unecesarry deaths related to hot cars in the past several decades alone.

“How short a time it takes for deadly conditions to develop, that’s what I wanted to illustrate,” Harrington added.

Northport Fire Rescue was on hand to assist, but Harrington got out of the car before it got too terribly bad. They remind you to never leave children, pets, or anyone else inside during the summer months.

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