Loveman Village redevelopment project soon to break ground

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — An $80 million redevelopment project in the Titusville neighborhood is just weeks away from kicking into high gear.

Loveman Village is one of Birmingham’s oldest housing structures. The Housing Authority of Birmingham plans to break ground on the multi-million dollar project on August 1.

In the meantime, counselors are meeting with people one-on-one coming up with relocation plans for each family.

Housing Authority spokesperson Joseph Bryant tells CBS42 Loveman Village was designed to look more like a neighborhood and aesthetically enhance the Titusville community.

“The institutional style of housing is over as you know it, no one in public housing in the public housing sector is building the old barrack style apartments anymore what we want to do is have quality public housing indistinguishable from other forms of housing,” said Bryant.

Right now, Loveman Village has 500 barrack-style units. The new complex will have 220.

“We’re meeting with residents one on one now to develop specific plans for them some residents will return to the site some residents will have vouchers to go to the private market and other residents can move to other properties that we have in our portfolio,” said Bryant.

Most of the focus right now is on getting everyone placed and working with families to find long-term housing solutions.

North Titusville Neighborhood President John Harris tells CBS42 he wanted the housing authority to reduce the density, which he says will hopefully cut down on crime.

“To modernize them like they did with tuxedo and park place would beautify the place and also hopefully people take pride in where they live,” said Harris.

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