Rainbow City Police accused of police brutality after graphic Facebook post

RAINBOW CITY, Ala. (WIAT) — Rainbow City Police have been accused of police brutality after a graphic Facebook post showing injuries that were reportedly inflicted by officers.

The post shows a man in a hospital bed and alleges that the male victim was with a female driver when police pulled the pair over and begin to beat them around 10 p.m. on Thursday. The officers not only allegedly beat the victim, but the post also alleges that they tased the victim and pushed him off of a bridge.

According to the post, the victim was taken to a Gadsden Hospital before being airlifted to UAB, though his next of kin was reportedly never notified, and they were kept from seeing him for four hours.

This Friday, Rainbow City Police Chief Jonathon Horton told CBS42 that officers stopped a vehicle on Black Creek Parkway around 9 p.m. on Thursday due to broken taillights.

Horton alleges that officers asked the female driver and male passenger for their information and that the victim stated that he did not have a license, then gave officers a false name. Officers reportedly learned that the victim had given them a fake name, and asked him for his real name, which the driver reportedly provided.

Police then searched the passenger’s name, and reportedly discovered that he had felony drug warrants and misdemeanor traffic warrants, and attempted to take him into custody.

As officers attempted to make the arrest, the passenger reportedly ran from officers and jumped over a bridge barrier, which, according to Horton, is a 19-foot drop. The suspect reportedly continued to try and escape officers, and made an effort to hide in the bushes, according to Horton.

Horton told CBS42 News that officers found the passenger while searching with flashlights, and at that point, he attempted to run again before being tased by officers. Police called medics to the scene, who airlifted the suspect to UAB Hospital.

On Friday, Horton told CBS42 News that he had gone to the scene of the incident and taken daytime photos, in addition to measuring the drop from the bridge barrier.

Rainbow City Police have released bodycam footage of the incident, which can be viewed below.

The Facebook post can be found below.


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