Horse camp in Tuscaloosa County takes extra care during extreme heat

COKER, Ala. (WIAT) — The extreme heat can be dangerous for humans but can also be just as bad for animals.

Julie Nelson is the owner of Woodfield Farms.  This summer she is taking extra precautions, making sure her horses stay hydrated.  She is running a horse camp this week, teaching young kids how to ride horses, clean stalls and care for the animals.

“The horses have a mineral salt block in their stalls. And of course a big bucket with water, and when they are out in the pasture they have three big ponds and we have two water holders and big salt blocks for them to lick on so they are staying hydrated that way,” Nelson explained.

All the kids who participate in the camp drink plenty of water and get snacks during the day. The campers also take frequent breaks and get to go swimming in Nelson’s pool to cool down after riding lessons are over each day. Two more summer camps are scheduled: July 24-28 and July 31-Aug. 4.

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