Alabama’s tax-free weekend may boost cash from out-of-state

(WIAT) — Alabama’s tax holiday weekend begins on Friday, and for many shoppers, it’s a good chance to save a bundle on back-to-school shopping.

Although not all counties and cities are participating fully, some people in Alabama could save up to ten percent on items like clothing, school supplies, and computers.

“I think the traffic should not only double, maybe even triple,” said Jason Vassar, who manages the Tommy outlet store at the Shops of Grand River in Leeds.

This year, East Alabama stores have an advantage. Georgia is not having a tax-free weekend of its own. Many Alabama retailers think that could send shoppers West on I-20, searching for bargains.

“I’m expecting a big crowd. The mall did a great job as far as advertising to Atlanta and western Georgia, so even though we moved ours up like two weeks, I’m expecting like a big turnout with that great anticipation,” said Vassar.

While most of the Leeds retailers specialize in clothing and accessories, the Target in Oxford is expecting more parents to stock up on notebooks, markers, and crayons.

“We have had people making their way from Georgia. We’ll see more as the day goes on,” said David Sears, who manages the store.

Although many East Alabama towns, including Oxford and Anniston, are a drive for many Georgians, retailers are betting it’s a drive they’re willing to make, especially with up to ten percent savings on the line.

“They’re making high dollar purchases. This is not just go to Target and pick up a few things, so you end up saving a lot of money,” Sears said.

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