Police & housing authority team up to rid “no snitch” policy after shootings

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) —  Police and the new public safety director for the housing authority took action to get people to talk about Monday’s triple shooting in Tom Brown Village.

Two people were arrested in connection to the shooting, but police want more people to speak up.

“Challenges are trying to get the residents to call in information because there is a “no snitch” policy, and we need to try and do everything we can, to break that policy,” said Jeff Gorley, the newly hired public safety director for the Birmingham Housing Authority.

Birmingham Police went door to door and handed out flyers with phone numbers people can call to anonymously give information to help stop the number of shootings in their community.

“Residents who live here, deserve to live in peace and not live in fear so the housing authority will do all it can to stop this senseless violence, whether it’s partnering with the state or federal government, we will do what is necessary,” Gorley said.

The housing authority plans to roll out new initiatives to combat shootings on Friday.

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