Moundville Police offer advice while investigating 14 car break-ins

MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Car burglars have been busy in a small town in Tuscaloosa County.

Moundville Police Chief Toby Banks is investigating fourteen recent car break-in cases that happened between last Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Banks tells CBS42 News that thieves have been targeting vehicles in several neighborhoods. The suspects have reportedly been stealing guns, money and electronic devices from parked vehicles.

“We know historically they have been hunting guns, they know people leave their guns under seats and consoles,” Banks said. “They are targeting vehicles that were open. If they run up t a car that was locked, they run on to the next one.”

Investigators arrested 19-year-old Nathaniel Johnson and charged him with unlawful breaking and entering. Police are still looking for two others who they believe are helping Johnson.

Ronald Anderson is hoping Police catch all the suspects. His car was broken into, and Anderson says this has taught him a valuable lesson because his car doors were not locked.

“I am going to lock my car! That’s what I am going to do is lock my car, because my doors were not locked,” Anderson said. “But still, going into a car without permission is like breaking and entering.”

Investigators believe criminals are also responsible for 15 more car burglaries in Hale County.

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