New sidewalk project in Homewood raises concerns for some residents

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — The City of Homewood is moving forward on a sidewalk project for the area that will put sidewalks on Mayfair Drive down to Roxbury Road.

While many residents are in favor of the project, some neighbors do have concerns.

Some people living in the area say a traffic triangle that has been a staple in the neighborhood would be removed if sidewalks are added.

“It’s a triangle here in the intersection, which promotes safety,” said resident Marcus Sparks. “It’s been a safe intersection now for countless generations of Homewood families.”

Sparks says the triangle also adds something special to the look of the area.

“Not only is it safe, it adds to the beauty and charm for our neighborhood and our greater community, and that’s really my concern,” Sparks said.

Frank Roberts is a resident of the area whose concerns hit close to home. Roberts says the sidewalk project will go right over the flowerbed on his lawn.

“I have two concerns. One principally, they want to put a sidewalk on top of my flowers,” Roberts explained.

Roberts says the sidewalk could be dangerous for pedestrians because of drivers who run the stop sign on Roxbury.

“If you put a sidewalk on top of the flower bed, in effect, what you are doing is making a bowling alley for people walking on the sidewalk for someone who runs the stop sign, which they do quite frequently and wind up in my flower bed,” said Roberts.

Homewood Mayor Scott McBrayer says the project is about safety for pedestrians and connecting neighborhoods. He says this is a project many people in the community wanted.

McBrayer could not give an exact date on when construction will start, but he said they hope to start soon.

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