Lawn Care business offering free lawn services to veterans

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Lawn care businesses are already pretty busy this time of the year. One local business owner tells CBS42 he’s never too busy to help out his fellow veterans.

Battle Buddies Lawn Care is asking you to nominate a veteran for free lawn care service.

John Webster started his lawn care business a couple of years ago as a way to provide some work for his son who is disabled. Webster also hires veterans through the Three Hots and A Cot organization.

On any given day you’ll find Webster and sometimes his son mowing lawns all over the Gardendale, Fultondale and Pinson area.

Webster is a veteran himself and knows how important it is to recognize our local veterans and acknowledge their service.

Webster and his wife came up with the idea to help out fellow veterans who may need a little help with their lawns.

“A lot of them because they’re older, they cant get out in the heat as hot as it’s been lately we don’t need them passing out or having heat stroke or heat exhaustion on top of whatever medical condition they already have, so hey I’ll come out and do it for them,” said Webster.

Right now, Webster is asking you to help put him in contact with a veteran in need of some lawn care.

To nominate a veteran you know, head over to the Battle Buddies Lawncare Facebook page.

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