Mom Monday: Getting organized before heading back to school

(WIAT) — It’s time dust off the backpacks and load up the busses. School starts in days for some! Ashley sits down with professional organizer Carrie Thayer to see what families should prioritize before they head back to school.

A great pro-tip is starting in your home:  “I recommend shopping your house, see what you already have that you won’t need to purchase,” Thayer explained.

When filling out the school supply list, don’t forget about clothes. Take an inventory of your kids’ closets and remember to think about all the seasons, not just what they can wear right now.

“It’s great to have a list of what you have and a list of what you need,” Carrie said.

Once you’ve checked off the needed items for school, it’s time to get organized and to minimize stress for the school year.

“The first thing I recommend is using a planner whether it’s paper or electronic. It doesn’t matter, just a as long as you use it,” she recommended. “Assign a color to each family member so when you write in, say haircut, you know which person’s hair appointment that it is.”

And be sure to take the school calendar and sync it with your calendar immediately–“From the first day of school to the last day of school.”

If you find yourself feeling frazzled during the week, set aside one day to prepare for the week. “I think it’s great to utilize Sundays to get ready for the week,” Thayer suggested.

And a huge time saver is setting aside clothes for the week. “

You can use either drawers and label them Monday through Friday or you can have space in the closet and label it that way. So your child knows what they’re wearing each day and it saves time each night before they go to bed.”

It is important to have that plan in place and stick to it.

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