Officials searching for alligators in Lake Tuscaloosa after third sighting

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — City leaders in Tuscaloosa are investigating reports of alligators lurking beneath the waters of Lake Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Marine Police are working with wildlife and fisheries officers trying to locate the reptiles. This year Tera Tubbs says the city says there have been at least three sightings of alligators in the Lake. Tubbs is the Executive Director of Infrastructure and Public Services.

“Obviously it is something we take really serious, we are letting our crews out at the lake know. As well as the lake patrol and they are aware of it. We’ve been out actively looking for them,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs says some have even sent pictures of the alligators to the City, but so far authorities have not been able to locate the reptiles. Officials believe the alligators pose no threat to humans.

Gary Stanley and his wife are not worried about alligators. The couple like to go boating and swimming often, but they weren’t concerned at all about what might be swimming under their boat.

“As long as they don’t bother me I won’t bother them. Just leave them alone don’t bother them. Just like a snake, if you get their young they will probably get ferocious with you. But if you just leave them alone and stay away from them, I don’t think there will be a problem,” Stanley said.

Tera Tubbs said she doesn’t know how the reptiles got into the lake.

“So we have taken that information and have given it to Alabama Wildlife and Fisheries. So they are doing an investigation and continue to ask for more information but so far they have not been able to locate the alligators.”

Officials are asking the public if you’ve seen any alligators, do not approach them, just call the city to make a report.

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