Repairs to school building damaged by fire won’t be finished before classes start

BLOUNTSVILLE, ALA (WIAT) — When school starts back on August 9th for students in Blount County, the students attending JB Pennington won’t be returning to their old classrooms. They will be in mobile units nearby.

Parts of the school were damaged by a fire in March of 2017. Crews have worked hard to clean the inside of the school. They have removed everything that was damaged by smoke or water, but the roof of the school and the interior still need work.

The school has set up 8 units that hold two classrooms each and have bathrooms.

Superintendent Rodney Green says they will continue to work hard on the construction of the high school during the school year.

“We’d love for our students to be able to get back into the school building by the end of the year,” Green said. “If that’s possible, we will certainly move back into the building towards the end of the school year. If that’s not possible, then we will start the next school year, which would be the 18-19 school year, in the new building.”

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