DA Pamela Casey discusses keeping your child safe while online

(WIAT) — As students head back to school this week, many of them are preparing to dive back into homework. With homework, comes concerns about online safety.

District Attorney Pamela Casey of Blount County talked to CBS 42 about keeping kids safe online.

The threat of online danger is serious. Casey says parents need to have an open line of communication with their children. If parents are aware of the apps their kids are using, they can prevent them from falling prey to dangers like kidnapping or child pornography.

The District Attorney gave some practical tips to help parents protect their children. She says parents need to know their children’s passwords to their apps. She also says parents can put restrictions on their child’s phone so that they cannot download apps without permissions.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Sarahah, Whatsapp, and KiK are all apps Casey says parents should be aware of and monitor. She warns that apps like Snapchat can provide children’s exact location, which can be dangerous if they are talking to strangers online.

If you have any questions for Pamela Casey about online safety, you can contact her on her Facebook page.

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