Move-in day brings excitement to University of Alabama campus

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Thursday was move-in day at the University of Alabama, and 2,600 freshmen students spent the morning moving into dormitories on campus.

One year ago, UA had a record enrollment of more than 37 thousand students. The majority of students will move in the weekend of August 18-20.

Freshmen like Tessa Bellin who is excited and ready to begin her college career. Bellin wants to join a campus sorority chapter and is moving into the Tutwiler residence hall.

“What is super exciting about it is I am starting to be more independent and it is going to be nice and I will be far away from home. So I can’t rely on other people to help me or my family,” Bellin said. “I am going to have to try things on my own and be at a big school. I am really excited to meet a ton of new people and make friends. I am looking forward to being in school here.”

Parent Edie Owen and her husband drove their daughter to Tuscaloosa from Dallas, Texas. The family says they are thrilled to have her at the University of Alabama. Owen says it’s going to be a good academic experience and challenge for their daughter.

The Texas mother also said she believes the University of Alabama will be a safe environment for her daughter.

“We were very thrilled at the fact that there is so much lighting here, those blue emergency light things on campus are everywhere,” Owen said. “I am trying not to worry about those things because frankly, I think the campus has set itself up nicely to keep kids safe.”

Sorority recruitment begins next week. Fall semester classes at the University of Alabama start on August 23.

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