Tuscaloosa investigators searching for answers after gunfight near crowd

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – Tuscaloosa investigators have now released shocking surveillance video of a July 23rd shootout at an apartment complex parking deck. Investigators located over 100 shell casings from the incident.

“This is a better demonstration of what we’re talking about, opposed to me just standing up here and tell you about it,” Cap. Kip Hart explained of the video, which initially shows two women fighting with a large crowd around them.

Authorities estimate between 40 and 50 people came to the rooftop of the Riverfront Village Apartments parking deck to watch the fight, but it escalated when the video shows some young men getting physical. Then, shots are fired by multiple people. Authorities think at least 5 or 6 weapons were used. They do not believe that the people involved in the incident had any connection to the apartment complex.

“With the enormity of the crowd and how many people are there, it also shows how lucky we are in that no one was killed,” said Hart. “We could essentially have 20 or 30 people shot–if not more dead if all these bullets had found a mark.”

Investigators are interested in speaking with anyone who was there that evening. They said they wouldn’t be surprised if there was more violence related to the incident, because it doesn’t appear that anything was resolved.

“I feel comfortable saying that it probably will happen again,” said Hart. “Whether it’s between those two specific parties or other people involved in all this. I think it’s just a trend we’re seeing throughout the country where people want to put everything on social media. We saw a number of cellphones. People recording it, and I’m sure, putting it somewhere for later use. All we can ask is when people are out and they see a large group that looks like trouble might be brewing to contact law enforcement.”

If you have information, you can choose to remain anonymous. Call Crimestoppers at 205-752-STOP.

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