6 City Council members voted back in, 3 districts facing runoffs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham mayoral race was not the only race resulting in a runoff. Six City Council members will be returning to their seats after winning elections in their districts yesterday, but the race is not over for six candidates facing runoffs.

There were 8 candidates in the race for city council in District 9. The top two candidates were Roderick Royal and John Hilliard. Royal led the race with 31% of the vote. Incumbent Kim Rafferty is facing a runoff in District 2 against Hunter Williams. Williams came out with 29% of the vote to Rafferty’s 17%.

President of City Council Johnathan Austin will be facing challenger Darrell O’Quinn in a runoff in District 5. O’Quinn is currently the President of the Citizen’s Advisory Board. Austin led the race with 31% of the vote.

The following City Council members were reelected:
Lashunda Scales – District 1
Valerie Abbott – District 3
William Parker – District 4
Sheila Tyson – District 6
Jay Roberson – District 7
Steven Hoyt – District 8

Runoff elections will be on October 3rd.

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