Bravo TV star earns award in Birmingham due to passion for helping others

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Bravo TV’s Dr. Jackie received the Maranathan Academy’s Angel Award at the Bold and Beautiful Fashion Show luncheon on Thursday, due to her commitment to helping others.

Dr. Jackie, the star of Married to Medicine, explained to CBS42 how she was inspired to start the organization she founded to help others after she beat breast cancer in 2012.

“I use three lines all the time,” Jackie explained. “I allow my pain to create a purpose, and of course, being diagnosed with cancer not once but twice, I needed to put a spin on it. Because so many people get stuck in the diagnosis in the disease, some people forget you have to take whatever life brings and turn that adversity into a plus. So I used my diagnosis with breast cancer twice to create a foundation called 50 Shades of Pink.”

Dr. Jackie says Fifty Shades of Pink treats the inner and outer beauty of cancer patients and survivors. The foundation is holding its fifth annual fashion show fundraiser in Atlanta on October 14.


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