Royal Cup Inc., delivers 600 gift boxes to patients at Children’s Hospitals around the country

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – On Monday, August 28th, Royal Cup employees delivered 200 gift boxes to patients at Children’s of Alabama.

One after another, young patients picked up their Cheeriodicals care packages to take back to their rooms, the bright green boxes offering a little escape from hospital life.

On Friday, over 300 Royal Cup employees packed over 600 gift boxes during their annual employee meeting. Team members from 38 states filled the Winfrey Hotel ballroom and lovingly packed gift boxes for boys and girls, ages 3 to 18.

“We love the idea of being able to get together on company time and giving back to the community, this is just going to be a great and fun event,” said Gena Hyatt, Employee Relations Manager.

The people packing the boxes were happy to give the children a break from their worries.

“Anything we can do to have that child get through their next needle stick, their next chemo session, or anything they’re going through in the hospital. This box is really filled with positive distractions for the child,” said Gary Parisher, President of Cheeriodicals. “To have the child be able to escape away from the issues they’re dealing with, it’s great for the child, but it’s also great for the parent because they see their child take a break from their issues.” 

For the Smith family, the owners of the Royal Cup Inc., giving back is steeped into their company culture.

“Royal Cup is a family business. Everyone in here is a family member to us. Seven family members in the Smith family work at Royal Cup, but there are 800 family members across the country,” said Gage Smith. “We try to be a family owned business that fights for a cause and individual goals that then become a group goal. It’s really impactful for us. When we get to see the tangible effect of what our work is going towards, that is so impactful to everyone here.” 

“I’m a physical therapist, so I see these children in the hospital, and I see how long they’re there, and I see how hard it is for their family and their siblings. Anything we can do to improve their lives, I feel really good about,” Emmie Smith said.

In the coming days, Royal Cup will also deliver boxes to Children’s Hospitals in Nashville, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington.


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