Harvey brings tornadoes, severe thunderstorms to Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s been a long day at CBS 42 in Birmingham: starting around 3 p.m., we went into wall-to-wall tornado warning coverage, starting with a tornado warning in Pickens County.

Several towns in Pickens County sustained damage, including Reform and Palmetto. CBS 42’s Jamie Ostroff and Toby Carter saw debris flying in the air behind them while they were about 10 minutes north of Reform, and heard the loud sound associated with a tornado. They quickly drove away, navigated on live TV by meteorologist Nate Harrington–you could hear the fear in Jamie Ostroff’s voice as she described what she was seeing.

Thankfully, all our crews are safe after the storm, including Jamie and Toby. Our Jack Royer headed to Palmetto, where he found houses destroyed and spoke to a tearful homeowner who told us an entire trailer was ripped away by the storm. Concrete blocks were snapped in half, and a house had part of the roof missing in addition to significant damage. He obtained exclusive video footage of what appears to be the tornado on the ground in Pickens County:

In Reform, Jamie Ostroff reports downed trees, powerlines and houses with a lot of damage.

Then, we had tornado warnings in Fayette, Winston, Bibb Tuscaloosa and Jefferson counties. The last warning, in Jefferson County, expired at 8:15 p.m.

Four people were reported to be injured in Pickens County during the storm; they were transported via ambulance for treatment. The only loss of life that has been reported is livestock.

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