Alabama Crimson Tide defeats Fresno State 41-10

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Crimson Tide beat the Fresno State Bulldogs 41-10 in their home opener.

The Tide led from the beginning, only giving up a touchdown in the final minutes of the game.

Follow along with our score updates:

1st Q:

(14:21) Jalen Hurts puts points on the board for ‘Bama with a TD. Score: 7-0, Alabama.

(8:24) Jalen Hurts passes to Hentges for 23 yds for a TD. 14-0, Alabama.

(4:03) Fresno State puts points on the board with a FG. Score: 14-3, ‘Bama.

2nd Q:

(14:25) Alabama’s Hurts scores a TD. Score 21-3.

(1:15) Alabama widens their lead with a TD. Score 28-3.

Halftime score: 28-3, Alabama

3rd Q:

(2:03) Andy Pappanastos hits a 24-yard FG. Score: 31-3.

4th Q:

(7:08) Another FG expands Bama’s lead. Score: 34-3.

(6:06) Fresno State scores their first TD of the game. Score: 34-10.

(2:41) Tua Tagovailoa throws his first TD for the Crimson Tide. Score 41-10.

FINAL: Bama defeats Fresno State, 41-10


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