The 6th edition of the ēCO Savings Race starts NOW!

Welcome to the 6th Edition of the ēCO Savings Race on!

About the ēCO Savings Race

ēCO Credit Union and CBS 42 are excited to launch the 6th edition of the ēCO Savings Race.

The first ēCO Savings Race took place in 2012, and after five successful races, teams have improved their financial pictures more than $376,000! Not only did the teams benefit during the race, they also learned valuable education that will help them continue on a path to financial success.

This year’s race will kick-off with eight families divided between three coaching teams. The teams will work with their coaches to set goals, make plans, and begin improving their financial pictures. They will also complete Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University to build a foundation for their journey.

Viewers are able to follow their progress on CBS 42 each Monday during the 5 pm Newscast, on each Team’s Facebook pages and on the ēCO Savings Race website. The teams will write blogs and create video blogs to share tips and keep you posted on their progress.

In January, the three ēCO Savings Race finalists will be announced, and they will continue to work closely with their coaches to exceed their goals. CBS 42 will also dig a little deeper into their stories to help ēCO members and the community learn even more.

The five other teams’ journeys will not stop there either. Their coaches will check in with them regularly to be sure they are continuing to meet their goals. The “at home” team that performs the best will also receive $2,000!

In May, the ēCO Savings Race 6th Edition will come to a close. One finalist will walk away with the $10,000 ēCO Savings Race grand prize, but none of the finalists will walk away empty-handed. The two teams not selected as winners will each receive $2,000.

WEDNESDAY, tune into the CBS 42 News at 5 to meet the teams!

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