Tuscaloosa Police arrest suspect in 2 robberies and hammer attack

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Tuscaloosa Police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with two robberies, one of which reportedly led to an attack with a hammer, according to a release from the department.

Police received a report on Friday, Sept. 8 of a robbery that was committed the previous day near the 3300 block of McFarland Boulevard. A woman told officers that she was robbed by a suspect with a sharp object.

On Monday, police received another report of a robbery that had occurred on Sunday on the 100 block of James I Harrison Parkway.

Later that day, according to the release, police responded to another robbery on the 4200 block of University Boulevard in the Winn-Dixie parking lot, Over the course of the attack,  where a woman was reportedly robbed by a man and struck with a hammer.

Over the course of their investigation, police were able to determine that all three robberies were committed by the same individual. Police identified their suspect as Reginald Lee Aaron, 36, of Tuscaloosa.

Aaron has been charged with two counts of Robbery 1, and is currently being held on a $60,000 bond.

Police say Aaron allegedly tried to rob 53-year-old Tammy Hagood while she was loading groceries into her car. According to authorities, when she refused to give him her purse, Aaron used a hammer to hit the victim on her head.

Chris Chance is the victim’s brother-in-law. He says his family is outraged the suspect could do such a thing to his loved one.

“This is horrible, that someone would commit this act of violence against someone else,” Chance said.  “It’s horrible. In broad day light. In the middle of a crowded grocery store parking lot. This is terrible,” Chance said.

Hagood suffered serious injuries to her eye. Chance says she was taken to Callahan Eye Hospital in Birmingham where she underwent surgery.

“It did a lot of damage to her eye socket, and her eye. The surgical team was able to reconstruct her eye,” Chance said. “They are hopeful she will be able to keep that and we pray her vision will be ok.”

During the hammer attack Monday, Hagood’s daughter was in the car and witnessed the crime. She was not hurt. Some shoppers like Chaunte Henley who frequent the Winn Dixie are now concerned.

“The violence is getting closer and closer to home. And it makes me not even want to come to town,” Henley said. “I don’t feel safe even leaving my house.”

Hagood was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon and is now home recovering.

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