The City of Jasper invites you to The Foothills Festival, Sept. 15-16

JASPER, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – The City of Jasper is in the middle of a beautiful revitalization. Downtown, you can spot new businesses, landscaping, artwork, and an overall vibrant and cheerful vibe in the city.

“They’re going to be doing new sidewalks. They want to do loft apartments. They’re bringing in new trees in downtown Jasper. It’s just a whole new downtown business district,” said Lisa Myers, the City’s Special Events Coordinator.

Local business owners love seeing their town flourish. That’s why Kevin Callahan with Honda and Hyundai of Jasper decided to be one of the sponsors the upcoming Foothills Festival. He wants people to experience everything that the City of Jasper has to offer.

“I moved to Jasper seven years ago, and when I came here, there were no restaurants downtown. And now we’ve got four or five restaurants downtown. We’ve got a lot of boutiques. We’ve got two micro-breweries that are going in! You just see a lot of activity going downtown,” Callahan said.

The Foothills Festival is happening on Friday, September 15th, and Saturday, 16th. Mark your calendars!

“The event will start Friday afternoon at five. It’ll go until 10. We start with music about six. It’ll be opening with the Wildflowers, Ernie McClinton and Shotgun. And then it will end up with Bonnie Bishop. And on Saturday, the event starts at ten o’clock, and we’ll start with music, that’ll be all the vendors and everything, but the music starts about twelve with Deja Vloo and then there will be some local artists that have won with our Path to Foothills contest. And all of them have to be affiliated with the state of Alabama. They’ve won. They’ll be on the main stage this year. And then, after that, we’ll have John Paul White, Muddy Magnolias, North Mississippi All Stars, and then the Spin Doctors will end it out Saturday night,” said Myers.

“The health of downtown is extremely important! For young people to come back to an area, downtown areas are just really important. And Jasper, the health of the city is really based on the health of the downtown area,” Callahan said.

Support Jasper’s revitalization efforts by coming to the Foothills Festival this Friday and Saturday. Visit for more detailed information.

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