ēCO Savings Race – Week 1

Welcome to a brand new season of the eCO Savings Race! This 6th season we have seven teams competing to improve their overall financial pictures with the chance to win a grand prize of $10,000! This week we are introducing you to our first two teams; Dorothy Kidd, and Jamie and Carol Creekmore.

1. Meet Dorothy Kidd 

Kidd wants to become a better steward of her money and is looking for a roadmap to achieve her goals. “I need to identify and generate a plan to get out of debt and to save all the same time,” Kidd said.

2. Meet Jamie and Carol Creekmore

The Creekmore’s are also looking to get out of debt and trust achieve financial freedom. “We’re like everybody else and we’ve made some mistakes that we need to fix,” said Carol. “To be able to not have as much debt, so like she said, we could go on vacation when we want to go on vacation,” Jamie said.


You can watch all of the teams’ progress throughout the year by watching CBS42 News at 5:00 each Monday night.
All stories and team updates will also be posted at eCOSavingsRace.org. We are looking forward to a wonderful season. Check back next week for another edition of the eCO Savings Race.

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