ēCO Savings Race – Week 2

The eCO Savings Race 6th Edition is officially underway. Each year viewers at home get to follow along and learn from the eight teams competing to win a $10,000 grand prize.

This week we are introducing two teams; Latasha Toney, and Bobby and Melissa Sproule.

  1. Meet Latasha Toney

Toney wants to help  motivate others so that they can work on paying off debt and improve their overall financial pictures. Toney can’t wait to tackle her debt and reach her goals. I have credit card debt and I need to get rid of it, and I have student loans. Like I want to be able to do things with my life before I reach a certain  age. I feel like debt is hindering me from getting where I want to be,” Toney said.

  1. Meet Bobby and Melissa Sproule

Bobby and Melissa Sproule have a unique story because they are focused on saving money and preparing for a domestic adoption.  

“We have kind of put our savings and our debt portion aside and we’ve dedicated all our savings to go into this adoption,” said Bobby. “It’s going to be uncomfortable for us to be open up about our financial situation, but I would appreciate  someone being open with theirs so that we might could benefit from that,” Melissa said.

You can watch all of the teams’ progress throughout  the year by watching CBS42 News at 5:00 each Monday night.

All stories and team updates will also be posted at eCOSavingsRace.org. Join us next week when we meet our final three teams!

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