Meet the McElwains: Brother duo dominating the game

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) – Meet the McElwains… Bailey, a sophomore fullback at Vanderbilt and his younger brother, Elliott, a senior running back at Hewitt-Trussville.

“Both Elliott and Bailey and just tough kids, just tough, hard-nosed football players,” said Hewitt-Trussville Head Coach, Josh Floyd.

The brother duo shared the field for the Huskies for two seasons where Bailey dominated on defense before moving to the backfield in college. A change that’s brought the brothers even closer.

“He’s kind of like a coach to me, helping me out. He has the password to my Hudl, so every time film pops up he’ll go through it and give me notes,” said Huskies running back, Elliott McElwain.

This weekend, Elliott will make the trip to Nashville to watch his brother play against his lifelong favorite team.

“I’m going to side with my brother this weekend because my family, my blood. But I’ll be cheering for Bama a little bit in the heart,” Elliott said.

As for the boy’s mom Juanita, an Alabama graduate, there’s not wavering when it comes to who she’s siding with Saturday.

“I think it’ probably a given. I’ll be cheering for Vandy, go Doores. Rooting number 39 on,” said Juanita.

For this busy football mom of three, it’s a common occurrence to spend Friday night at a prep game and hit the road Saturday for Vandy football, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I always said at the very beginning, when the boys were growing up, that my boys would never play football and never have long hair, and I’ve eaten my words on both. To watch them grow and love the game … as I look back and look at the little jerseys and especially as they’re senior you always reminisce about some of the old times and how little teeny tiny they were, the excitement that’s been there all along.”

That excitement has continued for both brothers. Bailey started every game his freshman season for the Commodores, scoring two touchdowns in key SEC wins.

Elliott has scored seven touchdowns through three games for the Huskies who are undefeated on the year.


“They always have a great attitude, they bring their A-game every single day to work. Whether it’s the weight room, conditioning in the summer, or practice, those guys 99% of the time, they’re bringing their best effort,” said Floyd.

“It being my senior season, it feels like the time is now. Last year we had a good shot, but we just couldn’t finish it. But I really feel like the time is now, and if we have a shot to do it, it’s right now,” said Elliott.

For Elliott  it’s now or never, as the Huskies superstar heads to Army next season – making college football Saturdays even busier for the boy’s mom and young sister Emma Grace.

“Go with the flow and see what happens and see where games are and decide from there. When Elliott said it was Army, I told him ‘we might not make it to as many games as we made for Bailey,'” said Juanita.

“I have a great picture of the two of them on the field, one of those last years that they got to be on the field together. Those games were so exciting and you just relish each and every one of those moments because they’re not going to be there for very long.”

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