ēCO Savings Race – Week 3

The eCO Savings Race 6th Edition is well underway. So far we’ve introduced you to five teams, today you can meet the final three; Anjanette Hicks, Chastiti and Timothy Shepherd, and Heather Grinfield. Each year viewers at home get to follow along and learn from the eight teams competing to win a $10,000 grand prize.

  1. Meet Anjanette Hicks

Hicks says she has tried budgeting before, but  just can’t stick to it. She is ready to change her spending habits for good.

“I want to get rid of as much debt as possible. Actually, I want to get rid of all my debt,” said Anjanette.

  1. Meet Chasiti and Timothy Shepherd

This couple says they are causal spenders. If they want something, they buy it without much thought. But now they are ready to make a spending change once and for all and be a

Positive example for their family. ” I want us to provide good examples for our children. I want them to live financially stable in the future  and provide them with the best opportunities that they can in the future as well,” Timothy said.

“We can make some sacrifices and make some changes, I mean, I’m not trying to pay our house off in 5 years,,,but I am trying to have savings for our child…for our children..now,” said Chasiti.

  1. Meet Heather Grinfield

Grinfield  says she does not think that she lives above her means, but she can not figure out where her extra money is going.

“I think the one thing that I splurge on the most is eating out. Then I regret it, you know, with that $40 at the Mexican restaurant I could have bought (groceries) and fixed many days of food,” said Grinfield.

You can watch all of the teams’ progress throughout  the year by watching CBS42 News at 5:00 each Monday night. All stories and team updates will also be posted at eCOSavingsRace.org. 


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