Susan G. Komen announces $450,000 in funding for breast cancer research in Alabama

Courtesy: Shutterstock

(WIAT) — Susan G. Komen announced on Monday that it would be distributing $30.7 million in research grants, $450,000 of which will go to a researcher in Alabama, according to a press release from the organization.

The money will go to Erica Stringer-Reasor, M.D., a researcher at UAB, who will use the funding to support a clinical trial investigating a possible new drug treatment. Stringer-Reasor’s research centers around using PARP inhibitors as a drug treatment for HER2+ breast cancers.

Stringer-Reasor’s research has found that PARP1, an enzyme involved in DNA repair, is elevated in HER2+breast cancers, and may play a role in controlling tumor growth and survival.

In addition to the Stringer-Reasor grant, the 97 other research grants are being distributed with a focus on new treatments and understanding of the most lethal forms and stages of breast cancer, according to the release. The funding will also encourage research into new screening technology, treatments for a metastatic and aggressive type of breast cancer, as well as disparities in breast cancer outcomes.

“We are focused on new treatments, ways to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer patients, and a better understanding of how and why breast cancer spreads, so that we can better treat metastatic breast cancer or prevent it all together,” Ellen Willmott, interim president and CEO of Susan G. Komen, stated in the release. “This focus on aggressive and metastatic disease is the foundation of our Bold Goal to reduce U.S. breast cancer deaths by 50 percent by 2026.”

The release states that metastatic breast cancer, breast cancer that spreads to organs like the brain, liver, bones, or lungs, is responsible for nearly all of America’s 40,000 annual breast cancer deaths.

Susan G. Komen has spent $14,920,569 in grants in Alabama since 1982, according to the release.

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