One Class at a Time: Pell City High School

(WIAT) — This week, the One Class at a Time team went to Pell City High School to present Ginger McCurry with a $1,000 check.

McCurry is a drama teacher — and a choral music instructor. She told us that she hopes to use the money to purchase new choral risers.

The risers that her department is using now are 12 years old, and not as sturdy as they used to be.

“A thousand dollars will be the first drop in the bucket. New choral risers will cost us close to $10,000,” McCurry said. “So, it’s a big undertaking, but it’s one that we’ve got to do. We’ve got to replace these risers. So, this will get us started. We’ll start the fund and go from there.”

One Class at a Time is made possible by Little Caesars and Pepsi.

If you’re a teacher that’d like to apply for a grant, click here!

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