Birmingham area pastors hold prayer service for victims in Las Vegas shooting

CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — Pastors from around Birmingham gathered in Chelsea Monday night for an impromptu prayer service following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

After waking up to the heartbreaking news, many church leaders wanted to do something to help. After spreading the word on social media, almost two dozen people came to Chelsea City Hall to pray.

“I believe if we do it more, it helps prevent these things from happening. I really do or I wouldn’t have come,” said Maxine Grace.

Representatives from several churches prayed for victims and their families, first responders, and a country in mourning.

“I think one of the things we always wonder is what can I do? Is there anything? I feel powerless where I am, and as all of you know, as long as you can pray, you’re not powerless,” said James Daniels with Chelsea Presbyterian Church.

Those in attendance also took the time to pray for the suspect and his family

“Why didn’t anybody see him and the pain and the despair that he was feeling? Greta Ivy asked. “I look for an opportunity to be able to see somebody that is without that hope,” said Ivy.

Even though they’re hundreds of miles from Las Vegas, the group of neighbors are confident there is power in their prayer.

“It’s getting darker and darker, but we believe the darker it gets the more the light is going to shine and that’s what’s in our heart is to let our light shine more and let our love flow more,” said Grace.

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