Alabama man trying to locate sender of emotional message found in mystery balloon

BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Blount County man is trying to return a small hot air balloon containing a heartfelt message written by a daughter who lost her father.

Shane Thomas found the emotional note inside the remnants of the balloon that fell on his property.

He’s now taking to Facebook and is hopeful the community can help with a special ‘return to sender.’

Thomas was driving home when he saw what looked like a garbage bag in the trees.

“Normally I guess I wouldn’t even stop, I wouldn’t even be looking that way,” said Thomas.

The object was just light enough to snag his attention. He pulled it down and noticed a pink handwritten note.

“It says I love you daddy,” Thomas said, reading the first line of the note.

While the message was not intended for Thomas, the words could not have come at a more meaningful time.

“My mom, she passed away in 2010,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ mom died a few weeks after his birthday in early October. Smiles can be hard to come by this time of year.

Finding the balloon in the tree was a present he could have never asked for.

“I always have pretty bad birthdays, since my mom passed and when I seen that it was like my mom telling me, ‘you’re going to have a good birthday this year I promise you,’” said Thomas.

After an idea from his father, Thomas posted photos of the balloon and message to Facebook in hopes of finding the sender. The name written on the note reads “Ashlee.”

Thomas has a reply for “Ashlee.” Even though it is a name he doesn’t recognize, it is a message he’ll never forget.

“It was very spiritual to me, I would love to meet the person and give it back to them if they would like,” said Thomas.

The original post can be found here.

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