Birmingham Stands pushing message of unity

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — At a time when many feel like the country is divided, one local artist is taking the meaning of unity to a whole new level.

Tim Majors started a project called “Birmingham Stands”. He goes around Birmingham with a dry erase board and a marker, and he asks people to write what they stand for in today’s world.

Participants have their photos taken while holding the board. The photos are posted to the Birmingham Stands Instagram page, which has already garnered thousands of followers. Some residents say this way of spreading positivity is effective.

“What an amazing way to get the word out without being too extravagant,” Birmingham resident Tania Alavarez said. “It’s really simple, but it really packs a punch.”

Alavarez is a DACA recipient who came to the United States when she was a baby. Her family is in Guadalajara and she says the looming threat of being deported is real.

Photographer Michael Kiersbe teamed up with Majors for the Birmingham Stands project. He says its a chance for Birmingham to lead the nation in coming together.

“I hope that this literally takes over the city of Birmingham and sweeps people off their feet,” Kiersbe said. “I want the rest of the nation to view Birmingham as an example of what could be done if a whole city united.”

To view more photos from the project, visit the @Bhamstands Instagram page.


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