MUST SEE: Adorable bear cubs playing at Appalachian Bear Rescue

TOWNSEND (WATE) – The cubs, Otto, Rollo and Apollo, at Appalachian Bear Rescue are getting bigger and stronger every day, according to a Facebook post by the rescue.

Curators at the rescue decided to capture short video clips of the cubs playing over the last few weeks and condensed the video into 9 minutes for everyone’s enjoyment.

One person on Facebook  asked the rescue how they stay out of sight to make the videos

ABR responded saying, “The last scene in the video shows how far the curators are when they film the cubs from the Observation Tower. There are small openings in the shielded fencing that allows the curators to observe the cubs without being seen. However, the cubs have an exceptional sense of smell and they know the curators are there. We keep the bears’ exposure to humans to a minimum, but we don’t kid ourselves into believing we’re invisible.”

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