Clay drivers concerned about heavy truck loads after rocks cause damage to vehicles

CLAY, Ala. (WIAT) — Clay drivers are concerned about safety following several instances of trucks losing loads of rocks, some causing damage.

Monday, a Jefferson County deputy was called after stray rocks smashed a windshield and left dings on another truck in north Jefferson County.

Clay Mayor Charles Webster told CBS 42 there have been multiple reports of trucks losing their loads over the past two weeks. One incident blocked a busy roadway until public works crews could clear the mess.

“For us it was a public safety issue,” said Webster.

Webster wasn’t far behind the trucks involved in Monday’s incident.

“These are not just small rocks, these are about fist size rocks so people hit those it could run them off the road, bust a tire,” Webster said.

After the incident, Webster took a photo of the truck carrying the rock load. In the picture, it appears the stones are close to spilling over the edge. Neighbors say the road is only two lanes and has several twists and turns.

“If that rock had come through the windshield, it could have been over with,” said Gary Gray, who had his front end damaged Monday.

Police caution to keep a safe distance from full trucks, but Gray told CBS 42 that he was traveling in the opposite direction.

Gray wants to see drivers and companies take smaller loads before there’s a bigger problem.

“It’s just two lane roads, they weren’t meant to have triaxle dump trucks running up and down them all day long,” said Gray.

Webster said Clay city leaders contacted companies believed to be involved in the recent incidents.

Some of the trucks were going in and out of the Dolcito Quarry in Tarrant. It is run by Vulcan Materials Company.

A spokesperson for Vulcan Materials Company issued the following statement in response to CBS 42’s request:

The team at the Dolcito Quarry is aware of the situation, and are working with truckers to take immediate corrective measures.

Mayor Webster said the city has spoken to other agencies about the possibility of adding temporary weigh stations to roads if the issue continues to be a problem.

According to Webster and Gray, truck loads appeared to be a little lighter Tuesday.

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