Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office conducts active shooter training drill

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Law enforcement agencies across the country are taking a closer look at outdoor concert security following the Las Vegas shootings.

On Wednesday morning, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office conducted an active shooter training drill.

Loyd Baker says it is done to keep officers prepared if they ever face a real emergency.  Baker is the chief of administration and technical services at the Sheriff’s Office.

“Just as the criminal world evolves with crimes and tactics we have to keep up. We have to make ourselves better, we are constantly looking at our tactics, ‘Is this the best way and the safest way?'” Baker said.  “So yes we are always in the process of learning to be better.”

In the active shooter drill, members of the tactical team went room to room in the training facility looking for a shooter to get that person in custody.  Officers also used a video simulator to simulate dealing with active shooters inside an office building and a school.

“In a case like we are practicing today, you may have an active shooter in what we call a ‘target-rich’ environment for that shooter,” Baker said. “A school or an office building where that person goes into as much damage as possible. Our job is to go in and neutralize that threat as quickly as we can.”

Chief Baker says patrol officers train for active shooter situations once a year and members of the tact team do it once a month.  The Sheriff’s Office is in the process of building a mock school at the training center for active shooter training. Construction should be completed in two months.

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