Video: Girl’s heartwarming adoption surprise caught on tape

(WSAV) Video of a young Utah girl’s heartwarming moment is gaining national attention.

Tannah Butterfield, a sixth-grader at American Heritage school in South Jordan, jumped up and down when the school’s office manager told her she’s going to be adopted.

A security camera captured the moment on video.

“It was just so sweet the way Tannah got so excited,” said her soon-to-be adoptive mother, Jennifer Fisher. “We didn’t all know it was going to happen like that.”

Tannah, 11, along with her brother Teagun, 6, and sister Tallie, 2, will be part of their own “forever family” later this fall.

After a parental rights case lasting more than two years, a judge gave the green light this week for the Fishers to adopt the Butterfield siblings, Fisher said.

Jackie Alexander, the school’s office manager, is a close friend with the family. She said she was happy to give Tannah the news after there had been several setbacks in the family’s case.

“I said, ‘You get your forever family, honey,’ and then you see her jump into my arms,” Alexander said.

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