Rachel on the Road: Moore’s Family Fun Center

OXFORD, Ala. (WIAT) — This week, we stopped by an Oxford landmark. Moore’s Family Fun Center is a go-kart racing track and old-school games arcade. Not only did teens back in the 80s and 90s go there all the time, but leading up to every Talladega race weekend, the drivers and their crews would go racing at Moore’s.

Scott Moore, son of the owner, said they’ve had almost all of the drivers come to the go-kart track. Even Dale Earnhardt Junior would come out and race when he was a young boy.

“I just remember the first time I saw him, we didn’t know who he was,” Moore said. “We typically didn’t let kids race on race weekends. He came here, got in a go-kart, and first thing I did was go and kick him off because we didn’t know who he was.”

Seeing Earnhardt in his father’s gear helped Moore realize who he was.

“He took his dad’s goggles, pulled them down over his eyes, and I said, ‘Now I know who he is!’,” Moore said. “Immediately from a young age, you knew what type of driver he was going to turn out to be.”

The Moore family has so many other incredible stories they’ve collected over the last 36 years.

Next time you’re in Oxford, stop by Moore’s and take a lap around the track like all of the pros!

Don’t miss Rachel on the Road next Friday morning right here on CBS42!

To submit an idea of where Rachel should road trip to next, e-mail her at Rachel.Lundberg@wiat.com.

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