Tuscaloosa City Council approves expanded downtown entertainment district

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — As the University of Alabama gets ready for homecoming weekend, some downtown Tuscaloosa businesses are preparing to see some extra business. Starting this weekend, the city will launch an expanded version of the downtown Tuscaloosa entertainment district.

Becky Danielson is a bartender at Taco Mama. She supports the expanded entertainment district because she believes it’s helping her restaurants profits increase and is attracting more customers to downtown Tuscaloosa.

“It means More money, more people coming downtown to hang out,” Danielson said. “The city wants to expand this and I don’t know why they wouldn’t.
This is great for everybody.”

The entertainment district first started on a trial basis in September. This week, the city council approved a larger expanded version that will include more businesses. The entertainment district operates Friday and Saturday between 9am and 10pm Friday and Saturday until January 27th. It allows bars in the district to serve alcoholic drinks in designated cups. Danielson says it is working.

Danielson says it is working.

“So, this is just one more thing they can add to the allure of staying in Tuscaloosa or just coming to Tuscaloosa itself.”

City Councilman Kip Tyner supports the entertainment district. He says he wouldn’t be surprised to see the entertainment district operate year round in the future.

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