Retail stores looking to hire seasonal help for the holidays

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — The holiday season is quickly approaching and a number of retail stores are looking to hire extra help.

The Target store in Homewood is looking to increase seasonal help. They are looking to fill 60 positions which range from cashiers to logistics.

Executive team manager Myra Dumas at the Target location in Homewood says they are keeping busy in the hiring process.

“Definitely ramp up during the holiday season. We are looking for team members that can help our guests with their shopping needs and fulfill their needs this holiday season,” said Dumas.

Other Target stores are also looking for help. To apply, you can use their kiosks inside the store or apply here online.

A Walmart spokesperson tells CBS 42 they will also have limited hiring. They plan to offer their current employees extra hours during the holidays. Retail stores like The Gap and the Banana Republic in Birmingham area also hiring seasonal help. You can apply for these jobs on the store websites.

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