One Class at a Time: Meek High School

WINSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — For this week’s One Class at a Time, I went to Meek High School. That’s where I surprised Jesse James with a one thousand dollar grant check.

Mr. James is the school’s band director. He tells me he plans to use the money for new instruments — and to repair those that have worn down over the years.

“When you start out the year and you don’t have a budget at all and you have limited resources by what you can fundraise and things like that–it makes it really hard, especially with a group of kids that are so hardworking and can accomplish so much if they had the tools that they needed,” James said. “We could go so far.”

CBS 42 — and Mr. James — would like to thank Little Caesars and Pepsi for making these One Class at a Time grants possible.

If you’re a teacher who’s interested in applying for one, go ahead and click here.

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