CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police search for suspect in Woodstock gas station knife attack

WOODSTOCK, Ala. (WIAT) — Police are searching for a suspect who attacked a man Friday morning outside a Woodstock gas station with a knife, and the attack was caught on camera.

The manager at A.M.-P.M. Food Mart, Bonnie Grier, saw the attack as it began.

“We were real busy. The parking lot Was packed, the store was packed inside, it was around lunchtime,” explained Grier.

She was working at the food counter when she noticed a commotion through the window and went outside.

“The gentleman ran up and grabbed this [man] by the throat. He had the knife, was doing like this here with it,” she said, making a stabbing motion with her hand. ” [The attacker] cut him across the arm right here with it,” she said pointing to her shoulder, “and I think he got him on his back if I’m not mistaken.”

Carol Ann McLaughlin works next door. She was taking a break outside when it started.

“I heard somebody say ‘I’m gone kill you’ in choice words and when I looked up this man — he was gritting his teeth. He was mad.” She said that’s when she dialed 911. “He didn’t care who was out here, who was in the way or nothing else. You could tell.”

Grier said she started yelling at the men to break up the fight.

“I told them to stop. I said ‘That’s enough!’ I said ‘You’re not going to do it here. Take it somewhere else. Stop it and I mean it!’” explained Grier.

Grier and McLaughlin both said they were concerned someone else would get hurt because the store parking lot was so busy.

“I hope they get him because if he’s that loose of a canon, it’s pretty dangerous cause you can tell he didn’t care about nobody else,” said McLaughlin.

“There was just too many people,” said Grier. “There was some little kids out here. I mean, you don’t do nothing like that. What if one of them kids would’ve got hurt?”

Grier said the man with the knife jumped into the passenger side of a truck that sped off toward the interstate. Police are currently searching for the suspects.

The victim in the attack is reported to have only minor injuries. If you have any information, contact the Woodstock Police Department.

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