Dianne Bentley speaks out: “Hopefully I can make the Lord proud”

TUSCALOOSA, Ala (WIAT) – Former First Lady Dianne Bentley is out of the Governor’s mansion, but back in the spotlight to speak out against domestic violence.

“I just wish, as a mom and a grandmother, that I could say ‘stop this, quit doing this, don’t allow this to happen,’” Bentley said after a vigil held at Tuscaloosa’s Turning Point Domestic Violence center.

The vigil was held to bring more awareness to domestic violence issues in Alabama during the month of October, which is domestic violence awareness month.

“People say I speak with passion, but I think it’s because it is so dear to my heart. It’s not hard to talk about because you have such a serious desire to help people because this is killing people,” she said.

A self-described shy person, Bentley has kept to herself since her divorce from Former Governor Robert Bentley and the scandal that led to his eventual resignation from office. Speaking publicly for the first time over the past few months, Bentley says she needed some time to adjust to private life again.

“I just sort of had to get myself together,” she said. “I have moved into a small home that I can manage. I don’t want to share my private life and what I’ve been through. So [God] has blessed me with a new ministry and new purpose. Hopefully I can make the Lord proud and at the end of the day, do something to please Him.”

Bentley spoke at Turning Point, a resource center and shelter for domestic violence victims. Their hotline is available 24 hours a day by calling 205-758-0808.

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