Huntsville waiter accused of denying MLB player service over national anthem kneeling controversy speaks out

Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell takes a knee next to teammate Mark Canha, right, during the national anthem before a baseball game against the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WZDX) — The Huntsville waiter publicly accused of refusing an MLB player service at a restaurant spoke out exclusively to WZDX News.

TMZ Sports article published and shared nationally Tuesday claims the waiter refused to serve Bruce Maxwell because he knelt during the national anthem.

“That is an absolute lie,” said Matthew Henry, the waiter.

The Washington Post reports Huntsville City Councilman Devyn Keith claims Matthew Henry took a look at Bruce Maxwell’s ID and said he wouldn’t serve them. Maxwell claims Henry told them he voted for Donald Trump.

“I never mentioned President Trump. I never mentioned kneeling,” Henry said. “I had no idea who he was until his friend told me halfway through the lunch.”

Henry says Maxwell was “gracious” during the meal, but his and Keith’s friend had an invalid ID and Henry didn’t serve that friend beer.

Keith is quoted calling the situation an embarrassment. It’s the same way Henry describes what he claims are lies now reflecting his city.

“When I first read the report about what he said Huntsville’s like and that’s what it’s like where he’s from,” Henry continued. “I am absolutely offended by that and I’m hurt that he would think I would treat somebody like that, anybody.”

Keith didn’t respond for comment. The article quotes him: “I believe in the fact that this was an idiot doing a stupid thing than a small business doing something wrong.”

“I would like a public apology from Mr. Bruce Maxwell,” Henry said. “And I would like one for all the folks I worked with. He represents Huntsville, Alabama, whether he likes it or not and we’re not the kind of people who would do that kind of thing.”

Maxwell is from Huntsville and the only MLB player to kneel during the star-spangled banner.

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