City of Eutaw negotiating with Love’s to build a gas station

Property owner Eutaw resident James Banks

EUTAW, Ala. (WIAT) — A major retail business could be setting up shop in the city of Eutaw in Greene County.

Love’s Travel Center representatives are working with the city to discuss possibly building a gas station there.

Although its just a proposal, resident Amy Wiggins is excited to hear the news.  She lives down the street from where the proposed gas station could be built.

“I am excited about it because we need something else that is open 24 hours to get gas,” Wiggins said. “I live right down the road from here and I am excited, because this will mean more jobs because its limited jobs here.”

Eutaw businessman James Banks says Love’s contacted him two months ago to propose building a new gas station on a 14-acre plot of land Banks owns.  Love’s is in the process of clearing the land and is working with the city to try to get a deal done.

Banks says he is hopeful a deal will be made and would be good for Eutaw economy.

“We need all the tax base we can get, and  that is probably going to be a tremendous one out there off the interstate,” Banks said. “It is going to help Eutaw and Greene County a lot.”

Eutaw Mayor Raymond Steele says if the project works out, Love’s will hire 40 employees.  The site could possibly contain several restaurants including Hardee’s, Subway and a pizza store.

“40 jobs is going to mean a lot to Eutaw with upper management jobs,” Steele said. “I understand Love’s will have some permanent upper management jobs with benefits. I am really excited about this project for Eutaw.”

Steele said he is hoping to break ground in the near future.  The proposed project would be a $16 million investment.

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