Officer takes child to McDonald’s on birthday after no one picked him up from school

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFLA) – A Wisconsin police officer went beyond the call of duty to give a child’s birthday a happy ending.

The Green Bay Police Department said Officer Darryl Robinson was called to a local elementary school on Monday when a child hadn’t been picked up from school.

The child’s parent is incarcerated and the school couldn’t get a hold of anyone else in his family to come get him.

When the officer learned it was the child’s birthday, he gave the child a ride around the police car and took him out for a birthday meal, using coupons given to law enforcement by a local McDonald’s to hand out in these type of situations.

The child was eventually dropped off with his family once they were located.

“Thank you to Officer Robinson for taking some extra time to celebrate the child’s birthday; we are proud to have him as part of the GBPD team!,” the agency wrote on Facebook.

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